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Driven to spread antidotes to Luntz/Rove/Rush lies through adding to the lib lexicon: Republo-fascist, overprivileged, CORPservative

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My political story

My personal contribution in this war to prevent the third-worlding of America has been through creating slogans, writing blogs, parodies, and songs. I'm the founder of something called MiniProtesting, which applies the "Burma Shave" approach of sequential messaging to curbside activism. Imagine three small groups on three consecutive street corners, and in the middle of each someone is holding a huge 30" x 40" sign at waist level. The three main signs make a running message, and the two or three people around each main sign hold their smaller signs with complementary messaging overhead. Here's an example of a MiniProtesting main sign inscription set: Corner #1: Conservative or CORPservative? Don't be Fooled by the Pious with a Corporate Bias Corner #2: CORPservatives Rally for the Unborn but Turn Their Backs on the Newborn Corner #3: Shouldn't Family Values Require VALUING FAMILIES by Providing Better Wages, Healthcare, and Thriving Schools? Rather than putting 600 people crowding a square somewhere, why not have 50 MiniProtests of a dozen people each covering every commute artery in an entire metro area?

Why I deserve a Netroots Nation Scholarship

We all want to do something, make a difference. Cindy Sheehan proved the power of one if the idea and dedication are enough. Words and ideas are my part. But the challenge is spreading them. There are enough sane people out there to usher in the changes our nation needs to thrive if we are unified. With the right voice, we can lead from the left and catch the imagination of the most recent generation of voters. I want to help create that voice, create the push for a Blue Deal that will take us back from the brink of CORPservative control over our destiny. I'm also looking to promote MiniProtesting's new sibling, what I call Back-Glass Activism. The messages above are best utilized in clogged commute traffic leading to bridges or freeway onramps, or in rural or suburban situations with successive four-way stops. With BGA the three messages are shorter, positioned on the far left of the rear window to minimize the obstruction to visibility. Imagine if all the folks at Netroots, DFA, and other groups spread around three-part slogans that people can simply print out, cut to size, and wear proudly? Make their wheels their voice? If only 10% participate, that can still be a dozen or more people in every community. Let's prove ourselves Inclusive Americans and reclaim the Stars and Stripes for all of us, not just the chosen few and ideologically rigid.

What first inspired me to get involved

I listened to Air America from the very beginning, and it awoke my poltical passions once I understood the Bush/Cheney/Rove travesties. Soon I had a megaphone at my mouth yelling, "Dump Humpty Dubya" and holding a sign saying, "Bush's Noble Cause: Iraqi Oil Production Sharing Agreement."

The blog post I am most proud of

I came up with a concept that I called the "1000 Families" Top Tax Tier and fleshed that out on Daily Kos. What if those making as much as 1000 families were again asked to pay 72% in taxes? That's still less than when Reagan came to office and yanked it down to 35%. The 1000 Families name is crucial to its success because it quantifies in very tangible terms the threshold of extreme wealth.

More about my political involvement

I am active in DFA, PDA, MoveOn, Move to Amend, Occupy locally, OFA, and Sonoma County Democrats. I also participate in PDA and InterOccupy national conference calls. I am currently working with Sonoma County MtA to get an MtA initiative on the ballot.

How I've gotten others involved

Online I try to engage people through social media, message boards, and twitter. I'm a paratransit driver taking veterans all around the state for medical appointments, and I spread ideas through my passengers as well. I get firsthand a sense of how our veterans are treated, and give a little back to them in the process. Their diverse views better allow me to help those that agree with me congeal their own perspectives, and I also have positive discourses with those that don't agree with me by valuing them as individuals while pointing out the bull that they've been fed.

Why I think participation in the netroots is important

The 2014 midterms are the finish line for the corporate elite. With the House and Senate in GOP control, Obama's legacy will be tainted by dozens of vetoes. Dems have the votes, as long as everybody gets to the ballot box. Netroots can be a primary player in inspiring multiple generations, making damning info mainstream, and creating the buzz that can lead to Re-Independence Day, when Swiss-cheese Christianity and their corporate bedfellows no longer dictate policy and power.

My Twitter manifesto on online activism

Connectivity is power. Unity amplifies that. Ideas grow from every form of creativity from blogs, prose, song, and art. We care, we win.

If I could design a bumper sticker it would say:

Remind GOP That Freedom Means Freedom to Vote

My wild idea for a cool new action

Let's make every red-state governor that denied his constituency the benefits of the Medicaid expansion for nothing more than political posturing pay for that disrespect of those that trust him. Sign on to voice your dismay that so many people are forced into physical and economic oblivion just so a Republican governor can look defiant to his base for the purpose of opening their purse strings. Remind him that his oath of office is to all of us, not just those who promise him money.

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