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I represent the Elephants. Coordinator for NYC 10/04 rally to raise awareness of Illegal Ivory Trade and near extinction of Elephants.

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My political story

I'm a liberal progressive Democrat, and have a very strong sense that there's a distinct political undercurrent to the practice of poaching, trophy hunting and illegal Ivory trading. I've testified before the New York State Assembly and have engaged in a continuous research and outreach to find these links.

Why I deserve a Netroots Nation Scholarship

Netroots Nation is the best forum in the world to raise awareness, inform, and garner support for this cause and to investigate the political implications therein. I'm a devoted follower of Daily Kos and have submitted several Diaries ("What About the Elephants?"). Netroots Nation is my platform to catapult this movement into the awareness of every liberal minded person in this country and to inspire immediate action. We need to work together to combat this critical extermination and the terrorist funding that it provides. Currently the top three illegal activities world wide are: 1) human trafficking, 2) drugs, 3) Elephants poaching and illegal Ivory trading. The lack of awareness of the extent of the illegal Ivory trade in the U.S. (2nd behind China) and the critical state of the Elephant species in Africa among highly educated, socially conscious adults in this country is dumbfounding. Elephant tusks are a body part, not a source to satisfy greed and vanity. And certainly not a product to fund terrorism.

What first inspired me to get involved

I have always been very involved in politics and social issues. I was raised to be a socially conscious person and to contribute my energy and talents to make the world a better place. I've been involved in everything from Civil Rights, Women's Rights, concern and support for the Mentally Ill, many other human rights. Animal Welfare, and in particular the Ivory Trade and potential extinction of Elephants is pumping my heart.

The blog post I am most proud of

As one of the three principle coordinators of the Second Annual Worldwide March and Rally for the Elephants (NYC) to be held October 4th at Columbia University I know that with media coverage, sponsors, and the commitment of hundreds of volunteers we will raise the awareness and participation in this cause dramatically. The world will hear us! I also write a diary entitled "What About the Elephants" on Daily Kos.

More about my political involvement

I have not been active with DFA thus far. However, I have been a committed volunteer for over 40 years to a variety of causes. I represent the Elephants. I have campaigned at every level, from the Pope, the President, to my daughter's friends and everyone in between. I am relentless. I will not stop until this crisis has passed and the Elephants are safe.

How I've gotten others involved

All of the above. I write, speak with members of the media, and I have started my own non-for-profit foundation. I have organized an incredible board who support and applaud my mission and vision. I expect to create a fiscal relationship with the primary organizations that I feel the most strongly about, and increase any activities to raise awareness, promote education at every level in the community. I utilize Facebook, Twitter, and emails to connect, educate, and recruit. I am one of the three coordinators who are officially organizing the 2nd Annual March for the Elephants, October 4th. This rally will take place in NYC, but will also be taking place in London, Nairobi and likely 15-30 more locations, as well as world-wide virtually.

Why I think participation in the netroots is important

Subscribers to Daily Kos, those who are the hearts and minds that have their same perspective, the same sensibility, the same fire to change the world, the country, and their communities are my kindred spirits. Those who will challenge others to open their eyes, and risk seeing other realities than those in their rear view mirror…These are the people I need to reach. These are the people who (if have not already) will take up this banner and light their world on fire! They will understand the urgency…the reality and surely the political ramifications behind it all. They will save the Elephants with me.

My Twitter manifesto on online activism

Online activism is a mustard seed that spreads to an exponential degree if you use it properly. Know your market, know your message.

If I could design a bumper sticker it would say:

Don't let the Elephants fade away!

My wild idea for a cool new action

Raise awareness, stop the trade of Ivory, SAVE THE ELEPHANTS NOW!

I am a