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Formerly incarcerated migrant organizer that focuses on anti-deportation campaigns and shutting down private/public jail/detention centers.

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My political story

My family and I have experienced economic and state violence in Mexico and in the United States. As a young boy, I was raised by my grandmother because my mother and her brothers moved to the U.S. after the North American Free Trade Agreement reduced the price of coffee with influx of cheaper coffee from the United States. Coffee and corn was a subsistence crop for us and after they both dropped in price, most of my family migrated. Here in the U.S., I was targeted by police for wearing baggy clothes and looking a "certain" way. This led to my detention and arrest and the creation of my criminal record. This was my interaction with the criminal justice system and also understanding the immigration system as I many times served as translator of documents for my other migrant counterparts in deportation proceedings. i have also experienced 15 deportations within my family. This goes from my mother, stepfather, uncles, aunts, god-parents, cousins, and other relatives. After politicizing myself in 2008 when I joined a community organization in Santa Ana, CA, I decided that I will confront the agency that has targeted the most violence towards me, my family, and my community; And those agencies are the Department of Homeland Security and the Police. Since 2008, I have organized in immigrant rights and have focused and built expertise in direct action tactics, movement building, and directly stopping deportations. I am currently one the of the Deportation Defense Coordinators of RAIZ. RAIZ is a migrant-led organization in Santa Ana, CA that has led the anti-deportation movement in Orange County, CA. My philosophy of political practice is "It is our duty to fight for our freedom, it is our duty to win, we must love and respect one another, we have nothing to loose but our chains."

Why I deserve a Netroots Nation Scholarship

I need the Netroots Nation Scholarship because I personally cannot afford the registration of the conference nor the room and board. I am currently unemployed but seeking work, and this conference will only strengthened my skills to further my work and make it more effective. Also, I feel like incarcerated/detained organizers like me should be at spaces like the Netroots conference because our personal experience is one of our biggest assets and where our strength derives from. Also, I have integrated social media and online organizing tactics to further the work I do and I look to improve myself by being part of the conference.

What first inspired me to get involved

Experiencing first hand anti-immigrant and criminalization policies/laws directed at people of color.

The blog post I am most proud of

Stopping the deportation of Santa Ana resident Samuel Sixtos from a targeted campaign against ICE which included a social media strategy and involved helping Samuel organize a hunger strike in the Adelanto Detention Center where he was being detained.

More about my political involvement

I am not a member of DFA but I do know members of the Orange County Democratic party. My work currently focuses on stopping deportations and shutting down public and private detention centers. I am also a volunteer with the Immigrant Youth Coalition, a California statewide undocumented-led organization.

How I've gotten others involved

I have been involved in directly organizing using media and grassroots organizing tactics those most affected by criminalization and deportation. Anything from Know Your Rights presentations to organizing families to stop their loved ones deportation.

Why I think participation in the netroots is important

I am trying to take my online organizing skills to another level.

My Twitter manifesto on online activism

To compliment and strengthen your grassroots organizing tactics.

If I could design a bumper sticker it would say:

Issue: Criminalization and Deportation Slogan: #No1LeftBehind

I am a

Grassroots Activist