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Democratic activist with 20+ years of experience on multiple campaigns,starting back in 1991! :)

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My political story

Democratic activist with 20+ years of experience on multiple campaigns, starting back in 1991. I was only 20 years old when I first got involved - started off as a volunteer on the presidential campaign of Paul Tsongas, and quickly got promoted to a staff position within a matter of weeks. When Paul ended up leaving the race in 1992, I found myself going to work on the presidential campaign of Bill Clinton, and also ended up getting involved in numerous other campaigns simultaneously. I've been involved in multiple campaigns for Governor, US House, US Senate, and President of the United States in both MA and NH since then - most recently the 2014 coordinated campaign in MA, where I helped to get Ed Markey elected to his first full term in the US Senate, Seth Moulton elected to the US House - MA 06 seat, Maura Healey elected as Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and Deb Goldberg elected as Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, just to name a few of the people that I actively was involved in the campaigns of.

Why I deserve a Netroots Nation Scholarship

I'd very much appreciate the opportunity to meet with other activists from around the country, to participate in the exchange of ideas and information, to hear from some of the best campaign strategists in the country, and to learn what the most important / significant challenges we'll face in 2016 will be and how we'll be able to effectively and successfully compete against the Republicans in order to take back the US House and the US Senate and keep The White House in Democratic hands! :)

What first inspired me to get involved

My mom's father (my grandfather). He was a long-time Democratic activist right up until he became very ill in 1998 - he had worked on the campaigns of candidates such as John Kennedy, Paul Tsongas, Michael Dukakis, and many other well-known people from Massachusetts and elsewhere. That, and also seeing the negative effect that the beliefs/ideas/policies/ proposals/etc. of the Republican Party were having on everyday people, is what inspired me to get involved and to try to help make a change in the way our country is governed by its elected officials.

The blog post I am most proud of

The most recent one would be the RootsCamp MA meeting in Dorchester MA on 04/25/2015 and 04/26/2015, where I helped to document the event through photography of the various training sessions and the two keynote addresses that were given during the weekend. I have pictures available for anyone who would possibly like to see them! :)

More about my political involvement

Not presently an active DFA member - but am active with my local Democratic organization and am also active with the Massachusetts Democratic Party as a member of its Communications Subcommittee. My primary efforts right now have been focused on social media, event photography, sharing news articles that others may find to be of interest to them regarding Democratic politics, recruiting young people to get more involved in the political process as volunteers or staff members for campaigns, and various other projects.

I am a

Grassroots Activist