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Artist/Activist gal. Regional Dir. @People4Bernie. Founder of Girl Group Chicago & board member at TRACERS. Progressive. Feminist. #Chuy2019

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My political story

A riot grrrl who has always felt the need to hash it out with the Newt Gingriches of the world.

Why I deserve a Netroots Nation Scholarship

In order for the Progressive movement in Chicago to take hold and be successful, we need more trained organizers on the ground. I want to be an active and productive part of the shift away from pay-to-play politics and corruption in our city. Chicagoans are suffering and their voices are not being heard, and I want to be of service before our city is harmed any further by the 1%.

What first inspired me to get involved

I grew up in a government housing project in Lake Bluff, Illinois (a very wealthy, conservative and WASPy town of 5,000 an hour north of Chicago). I felt alienated by our community because we were poor and because I was raised by a single Dad who didn't belong to a church. I also noticed at a young age how girls were treated differently than boys, and I think that was another driving force to tell my story and bring understanding to diverse communities through communication. My "foray into politics/activism" started in the 90s when I joined my high school's debate team, informed by my own background, in the midst of the Clinton years.

The blog post I am most proud of One of my proudest moments was seeing my organization Girl Group Chicago come to fruition ( I was also honored to be a part of Chuy Garcia's 2015 campaign team in the recent historical Mayoral runoff election here in Chicago. Then just recently, I was one of the activists that kickstarted The People For Bernie Sanders grassroots movement. I currently serve as their Regional Director, and rally folks across the country to get involved in organizing in their area.

More about my political involvement

I founded an online community recently called, "Chicago Progressives Unite!" in order to keep our residents active and informed on progressive initiatives. I also work with a local social activism group called TRACERS focused on issues of gender inequality, and have recently volunteered for Ready for Warren, Organizing 2.0 and the David Lynch Foundation.

Why I think participation in the netroots is important

The Netroots Nation conference is a unique opportunity for those actively looking to learn from and interact with other organizers. It would be invaluable to my own activism to hear more about initiatives happening around the country, gain insight on the latest uses of social media as a tool to advance the causes I hold dear. I would love to organize a People for Bernie caucus there this summer!

My Twitter manifesto on online activism

Interruption of the everyday w/creative imagery & powerful words is an efficient platform to provoke thought and move to action.

If I could design a bumper sticker it would say:


I am a

Grassroots Activist

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