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My political story

I knew something was amiss when I was the only South Asian Muslim growing up in my neighborhood. Everything and everyone around me reminded me that I didn't fit in and my family was different. I rebelled against this otherizing by doing drugs and running away from home. Fast forward many years later, after being sent away to Utah for rehab, I found myself immediately drawn to activism while attending community college. Living in the margins was my story and I wanted to build community and power in the margins. I haven't stopped fighting since.

Why I deserve a Netroots Nation Scholarship

I believe I deserve a Netroots Nation Scholarship because it is rare that I find and see my identities represented in political spaces. I am often the lone South Asian Queer Muslim in discussions about race and politics. I think it's important for our communities to truly represent the voices that exist and have been marginalized.

What first inspired me to get involved

I was inspired to get involved in politics when I realized that I have a voice that deserves to be heard. It was through mentors, trainings and peers where I felt empowered and worthy of sharing myself. And that it was through my authentic self I could fight for what I believed was right and what knew what was possible for my community.

The blog post I am most proud of

I am most proud of the work I have been building within my organization. My organization did not explicitly navigate how implicit and explicit racial bias influenced how Americans view and have a relationship to governing. And how the racialization of our public systems has been deliberate. Over the last three years I have built a network and body of work where spaces to discuss issues of race and the public sector has become the norm and not an anomaly.

More about my political involvement

I am not an active DFA member. I volunteer for Community Yoga Austin, Undoing Racism Austin and G.A.L.S. (Giving Austin Labor Support). I am passionate about providing support to mommas and babies in my community. I provide birth and labor support, physical and emotional support and hold space to have conversations about institutional and systemic racism.

I am a

Grassroots Activist