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Transgender Activist, Scholar, Author, and Minister. Stands for a progressive inclusive political agenda.

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My political story

I am a black transgender woman, educated, and living at the margins of society. The journey my life has taken has given a unique perspective on life in America. I know what it is to be unemployed, to suffer transphobia and racism but more importantly I know hope, I know determination and success. The three greatest tools in my life have been hope, determination and a faith that cannot be sequestered.

Why I deserve a Netroots Nation Scholarship

I am that voice that is seldom heard. An educated, black, transgender woman. I am that voice that can give a very different perspective on progressive politics an policies. I represent the future of politics, open, inclusive, accepting and just for all people regardless of identity. Politics is about looking forward, its about developing a healthy and whole society and this is where I and those similar become a most significant voice in progressive politics.

What first inspired me to get involved

I was inspired after coming out as transgender. My eyes were open more and more as I saw the suffering of the trans community and those on the margin in general. Once I understood the structural inequalities and how politics did not reflect the longing of the people on the margins I found myself getting involved with my local city council and political action group to make a different in my community.

The blog post I am most proud of

I am most proud of my blog, The Transgender Scholar located at It is a blog were I address many issues that impact life in America. Current issues such as Black Lives Matter, HIV/Aids, Economics, etc.

More about my political involvement

I am a Board Member on the Collaborative Planning Council (CCPC) of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. The addresses HIV/Aids policies and implementation of those policies and the allocation of funding for individuals infected with HIV/Aids. I am also involved with the Richmond Progressive Alliance in the City of Richmond CA. It engages the politics of Richmond in the midst of the Chevron Oil Company which seeks to control all facets fo Richmond politics and culture.

How I've gotten others involved

Yes, through my blog post I engage people. My HIV/Aids blog post received a significant number of hits via google mail. A group of us went to Grinnell Iowa to the HIV is not a crime conference.

Why I think participation in the netroots is important

Politics is generational and as such it must engage all people to ensure that our democracy remains strong and viable. Further, we want an informed electorate that can engage the issues at the local, state and national levels. I believe netroots along with other political organizations to be a critical part of this necessary task.

My Twitter manifesto on online activism

Its about developing critical mass regarding very important issues which impact the future of people in America.

If I could design a bumper sticker it would say:

Politics without education becomes the voice of ignorance

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